Why XM is a leading broker?

Why XM is a leading broker

The past few years have been good for the forex market in terms of its growth and popularity. Forex investments have gained immense recognition after the technological innovations and inventions such as social media, online trading platforms, and software. This has also greatly increased the number of online forex brokerage companies. One can find many brokerage firms that claim they are the best, number 1, or provide amazing services, etc.

However, that is not true for all of them, nor you can just pick any forex broker to work with, in this age of the Internet where online scams and crimes occur very easily. For that reason, we will tell you why XM Global Limited is a leading broker in this highly competitive forex brokerage industry?

Reason number 1:

XM is a regulated and licensed broker company by International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) Belize, which is enough to prove its authenticity and reliability as an online broker. A licensed broker has many benefits such as protection of your funds, recognition in the industry, and overall has a trustworthy reputation.

Reason number 2:

This broker also provides negative balance protection that means that you will not lose more money than what is in your account. Moreover, they protect your funds by keeping them in segregated bank accounts separated from the company’s funds and cannot be used by the firm for anything else other than your approved trades.

Reason number 3:

They are well known for their excellent educational content that includes videos, research material, analysis, webinars, podcasts, news, live education, and an economic calendar. It is important that the broker provides proper support to the customers for their skill development, it shows that they work for your growth and makes things as easier for you as possible.

Reason number 4:

Trading fees such as spreads and commissions are the source of brokers’ earnings which is why there are huge differences in the fees of forex brokers in this business. XM comes under the lower cost brokers available in the industry which is a huge reason for their popularity. They have different account types with different charges however for their standard account the charges include a minimum deposit requirement of $5 which is extraordinarily low, their spreads start from 1 pip which is considered low however some brokers offer even lower spreads, apart from that they do not charge commissions or withdrawal fees.

Reason number 5:

Another excellent feature they offer is the option of an Islamic account which is rare in this industry as not many brokers provide this option. In addition to that, they also offer a deposit bonus of 20% which is another plus point.

Many other leading brokers also have similar qualities with little differences in their features or offers. The Forex Brokerage industry is quite competitive so every company tries to provide something unique and new. XM has all the qualities that will attract forex investors and which is why they have become one of the leading forex brokers

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