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Pepperstone is an Australian forex broker that also offers CFDs. Regulated in Australia, the UK, the UAE, and in the Bahamas, one of the standouts has been the the customer base that they have increased in such a small amount of time amassing a total of nearly 60,000 active customers and users in a decade is a milestone which not many Top Forex Brokers can boast easily.


Along with its strong user engagement levels and other factors we have researched and considered, the forex broker gets an overall score of 4.5/5

Authenticity Of PEPPERSTONE


Pepperstone Brokerage firm is a regulated authorized firm withwith great standings with some well-known regulators. It’s fast prominence in the market and grasping a foothold in the market really helped it gain regulation from a lot of legislative bodies

With the distinction of different regulators recognizing this forex broker as genuine and secure, we have to say Pepperstone has made the effort to expand its horizon and market reach, our team rates the authenticity of pepperstone 4.69/5

Expense & Fees


Pepperstone offers excellent pricing levels along with its Active Trade Programs, their overall Forex fees are pretty low as compared to other well known brokers (Saxo Bank, City Index, FXCM Brokers) in the market while offering pip values as low as 0.1 (depending on the currency on offer and the account type though). Another added bonus would be the removal of any non-transaction fee such as inactivity charges that used to be there in the beginning but now have been completely removed from their accounts, giving the casual trader satisfaction that whatever he leaves in his account will be there when he decides to return.

The overall fee are pretty manageable and the effort made to remove any non-transactional fee from the account has been an added bonus, although even though we did not find any concrete evidence there were some traders still claiming online that the broker deducts inactivity charges. Overall our team rates the expense & fee 4.3/5

Account Types:


Apart from the sub-branches of accounts, Pepperstone offers three basic account types with different standards, pricing and features.

In our research of the account types offered by Pepperstone we found it does have its fair share of issues and problems, for instance the meta trader platform can only be utilized when opening a Razor Account where the most commission charges are accounted for, although deposits and pips are relatively low here, chances to earn in this account as compared to the others are different and people at times prefer the others over this one. So with that in mind we decided to score 3.8/5

Trading Platform


Pepperstone provides almost all third-party based applications for trading and analysis, but the lack of a self-proprietary platform puts a dent on their amazing level of standards and protocols.

Trading Suites

Pepperstone offers the full MetaTrader and cTrader suites, including MT4 and MT5 (desktop and web), cTrader (desktop and web), and cAlgo. Merchants can utilize either account type, Razor, or Standard, with any stage. The platforms come with the standard market analysis properties along with nearly 80 charting and graphing tools to choose from. The customization level of the application is simple and neat, coping with the preferences of multiple types of users as per needed.


For social duplicate exchanging, Pepperstone offers the MirrorTrader and RoboX stages from Tradency, and myFxbook for MetaTrader, close by cTrader and DupliTrade ($5,000 least surplus required). Pepperstone completed Best in Class in the Social Copy Trading and beats out any competitor in the Copy-Trading game by a landslide, helping it to be a force in the FX Trade Market

In lieu of the trading platform, our research found the broker offers quite a variety of trading tools and snippets to enhance the overall experience of the users. The Social Trade side has really made them stand out and are regarded as the best amongst the world in terms of social trading, and the moniker is not a hoax as our team was fascinated with the level of expertise found on the social platforms along with an enjoyable user experience. Based on these we decided to score Pepperstone a whooping 4.87/5



In terms of education and learning, Pepperstone does seem to lack behind it’s competition and being looked down upon by some of the elites such as Saxo Bank, IG Traders, CMC Markets etc. There primary focus seems to be more towards trading and having more experienced users associate themselves with their brokerage firm.

Articles and Blogs

They do provide the standard articles and blogs published on their website for basic information regarding any market changes or future forecasting. Some of it is more advanced for the normal user and can sometimes push away newer traders or potential customers as they would look for their information at a different platform

Video Content

Their video content is uploaded on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and their Youtube Channel. The videos themselves are a better alternative then the reading material as it is more properly explained by the experts with guidance and interactive procedures to help understand more about the Forex Trade Market.

In terms of education our team found that Pepperstone has a lot of catching up to do with regards to other brokers here. Not much can be found in terms of learning and research material and the statistic data found is mostly acquired from third parties, which in turn is hard to understand for some as well. On this account we decided to score 3.3/5 here

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Nazakat Ali
Nazakat Ali
1 month ago

Pepperstone has lived up to its name by providing the best trading services. 10/10 recommended.

Waheed Ahmed
Waheed Ahmed
1 month ago

It was a pleasant experience to work with them initially, but after a while, it turned into my biggest regret. They absolutely failed to maintain the quality of their service.

Asad Rajpoot
Asad Rajpoot
1 month ago

Honestly this broker is the best in terms of its platform, they offer three types of trading platforms and all of them are equipped with multiple useful tools. 10/10 recommended.

Sameed Alam
Sameed Alam
2 months ago

They are a leading broker for a reason, not only their client support is great but their educational content is so helpful. Their consultants are quick and professionals.

Ammar Arain
Ammar Arain
2 months ago

Pepperstone has disappointed me so much, they used to have no issues initially but I have started facing withdrawal delays recently.

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