Forex Broker Review of IG.COM


An authorized company registered with the London Stock Exchange, IG was established in 1974 and has become a fore-front leader in the online trading industry, it’s for clients who want to trade the foreign exchange markets. Established in 1974, IG is traded on an open market that is labeled as a forex specialist in the market today


IG Markets has been around for years now and still today tries to maintain the high level standards it has setup for itself, in our review we will highlight some important points as to why IG is still considered the best in the world and why we have rated IG an overall score of 5/5

Authenticity Of IG Markets


IG Market currently stands with a trust score of nearly 98% from well-known regulators. It is perhaps where you can rest assured that none of your assets will be hampered with while keeping a close eye on security protocols for protection

Based on our findings, IG Markets is rightly regulated by the following regulators mentioned above which proves its security levels and authenticity as a Forex Broker which helps IG to a score of 4.8/5  

Expense & Fees


IG brings in the cash with the help of their spreads, mainly through client exchange and trades that overlap with the offer and ask spread. There is a “commission” charge that becomes an integral factor when one is exchanging CFDs, yet it is added to one or the other side of the market spread.

As per the standards of FX trading, customers will be charged trade expenses, utilizing tomorrow next rates (basically the rates that are predicted for tomorrow will be charged for all trade related expenses on the current day), , which might be dependent upon money rate charges on the off chance that they exchange a cash other than the base amount that was deposited initially.

A minimum of 10$ will be charged on any wire transferred to any other bank accounts while there is also the no-activity fee of 12$ which will be deducted on a monthly basis if the account stays inactive for two years, so probably safe to say non-transaction charges are just to scare people into not abandoning their accounts if they get bored or tired from trading. The minimum deposit requirement is not fixed so giving the leverage of starting with as low as 1$ (depending on the account though) if you are new to the game.

In terms of Expense & Charges, IG Market is within the competitive range and with such high standards already set, things can improve a bit here ,So IG gets a slight hit here but gets a rating score of 4.7/5

Account Types:


The accounts on offer by this brokerage firm are of three types, with different benefits, pricing and add-on benefits. These accounts also are restricted to some specific regions such as the standard CFD Broker account is the only one available in Malaysia

In our research, we found IG Markets offering some basic standard forex trading accounts with market competitive spreads, with minimal commission charges. Just the idea of the deposit fee might scare some newbie traders away as people want to invest less and earn more nowadays. So IG Market gets a rating score of 4.79/5 here

Trading Platform


IG has an array of trading tools and platforms available for all types of accounts. Apart from their own self trading platform available on both web and mobile. If that is not more on the liking of one they also offer the standard Meta Trade Platforms as well as the L2 platforms as well in preference to ones liking

IG web platform

IG’s exclusive online stage comes stacked with an immense determination of highlights. Convenience is at the core of the experience. For instance, outlines open from almost any view where live market costs or streaming offer/ask rates are appeared. There are likewise interminable examination and exchanging apparatuses, including hazard the executives modules incorporated straightforwardly. The only drawback that people feel is the basic template is a but dry to their liking and just setting up the overview according to ones needs can be a bit time consuming

IG Charting Tools

The default outlines inside the stage include 30 charting tools and progressed usefulness, for example, amounting to four cautions on any of 11 upheld markers. Other than five graph types, there is likewise a tick outline, which not all representatives offer.

Other Trade Tools

G offers the MetaTrader4 (MT4) stage and its L2 Dealer stage, where Forex Direct constantly Market Access (DMA) are accessible for share exchanging. L2 Dealer can be a feasible choice of the two considering your preference because of the limits accessible for dynamic brokers, and for its help of cutting-edge algorithmic request types.

While researching the trading platforms & tools provided by IG, it shows that this is where the forex broker truly shines in terms of a forex trader, users have never complained or shown any form of issues with the forex broker in this aspect and experienced traders feel money worth well-spent. So Trading Platform IG gets an overall score of 5/5



One of the best in terms of providing research and education to not only it’s customers exclusively but anyone else just looking around to learn more about FX Trading as a whole or other key point knowledge that they required.

IG Academy

The setup of an online academy where new and old traders can learn or enhance their skills on certain aspects really shows the level of intent this FX Trader Broker is looking to do. The course itself is an eight module outlined course with multiple experts and teachers providing extensive knowledge to help customers gain an upper hand in the world of trading

Video Content

They have numerous Youtube Channels, some of them associated with other Brokerage websites and Finance information companies. Their content is regularly updated with detailed market news and forecast predictions as well as providing step-by-step tutorials for new comers to help them integrate trading as a part of their normal lives

Reading Material

They have volumes of reading material for everyone to enjoy, they are categorized in the following

  1. Beginner Manuals (consisting of five)
  2. Intermediate Manuals (consisting of four)
  3. Advance Manuals (consisting of three)


Apart from these very useful manuals, there are also blogs and articles written by experts of the trade market available for free on their websites and on other known webpages (DailyFX) where one can easily read on about the know-hows of Forex Trading and IG’s impact on the market in trading

In terms of education, IG Markets provides a lot for its users and makes sure traders learn trading more rather than jumping into a trade before hand. Their Reading Material is what really catches the eye, volumes of e-books divided in terms of categories with respect to trader levels. This helps IG to an overall rating score of  4.9/5

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Sohail AHmed
Sohail AHmed
2 months ago

So disappointed! IG Markets are just marketing and empty promises. No proper delivery of promised services.

Aashir Riaz
Aashir Riaz
1 month ago

They are good, not the best but work well for me. Although some services could be improved.

Syed Osama Ali
Syed Osama Ali
1 month ago

Their charges are a little high but the services are great. I have not faced any issues so far. 

Asif Afridi
Asif Afridi
1 month ago

Been working with this broker for a long time, they offer more than one platform, but all are equally good with all the necessary tools and features.

Fatima Abbasi
Fatima Abbasi
2 months ago

Since I am a beginner, it really helped that they allow micro-lot-sized positions which is good for trying different strategies and methods.

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