Forex Broker Review of GrapheneFx


GrapheneFx was established in 2012 in the UK, a relatively new-comer to the FX Trade market but they
have been slowly rising to become a force to be reckoned with in the Trade Business. The Brokerage
firm can boast vast rise in customers which stand at nearly 400,000, in such short span of time the
number shows the level of commitment and trust they have built with their customers.

What Graphene has introduced is an innovative way in which traders can feel more accomplished in
terms of trading, grant them techniques and snippets that if integrated properly can help define the
ways one can trade and get higher chances of success. The market is a vast ocean right now and
Graphene seems to be brewing up a storm in the current trading world

Based on our research we have given an overall rating to GrapheneFx on the basis of the research done on some basic online trading aspects. The Forex Broker currently stands amongst the elite in our rating system with high scores all around helping it to get an overall score of 4.87/5

Authenticity Of GrapheneFx:


GrapheneFx is regulated by a single entity as of now being relatively new in the trading game, but the
assurances and security level is on a standard level that you can entrust opening an account and
investing with this Forex Broker. Maybe with due time they can get more regulations from legislative bodies and stand their with the very best forex brokers in the trade game.

Based on our findings, we have rated GrapheneFx 4.87/5, a very good score considering the Brokerage Firm is not widely based in terms of regulations but the FSA has widely recognized it as an authentic forex broker working globally

Account Types:


GrapheneFx right now offers 4 major account types in terms of trading Forex. These accounts have
different features and pricing but is something that makes it available for all types of users.

In terms of account types, GrapheneFx offers quite a variety of forex broker accounts, with a range of offers and bonuses to earn more profits. We have rated the account types of this forex broker 4.74/5

Expenses & Charges


GrapheneFx does not charge any sort of hidden charges while you are trading. You can sit back and
relax knowing all your stocks and funds are safe without any extra charges being applied. Meaning there
are no withdrawal charges to worry about as well as no form of inactivity fee is charged as well, which
gives more control and added benefit to the user to have the peace of mind knowing they don’t have to
pay any extra form of funds to keep their account intact and continue trading (read expensive charging brokers Saxo Bank Review, PepperStone Review. Comparing to the market
standards they provide pip values ranging between 0.2-0.5 which is amazing considering many top Forex
Brokers are charging a bit on the higher side.

The most interesting aspect of the forex broker here, the expense & charges factor of this forex broker is quite pleasant as compared to other forex brokers of similar caliber. The overall costing and charges are handy for most users and where ever saving is involved for users is a good point in our books, so GrapheneFX gets a 4.82/5 rating 

Trading Platform


Merchants can undoubtedly begin trading with the standard MT4 and MT5 platforms. What’s more,
traders looking for specific pre-requisite tools could consider the GrapheneFx WebTrader through a web

Web Trading

The meta trader provided is a bit lagging and has some functions deficiencies such as customization on a
larger scale, so the preferred option is using the Graphene FX Web Trader. The trader itself provides
detailed trading options, along with over 40 charting and graphing tools, news feeds of current trends
and changes in the market. The alert option is probably the best of the lot, you can customize your
notification alerts on just about anything whether it be slight ups or downs in the market on a specific
watchlist, any major changes in the live feed, availability of certain currencies or indices as per needed

Meta Trader

The standard bearer in the Forex Trade Market, the Meta Trader is available on both the MT4 & MT5
versions, the platform itself provides the basic tools required for trading, live feed of the market, along
with watchlists and alerts. This platform is best for those who prefer the conventional way of trading. The lack of a self-developed separate trading platform makes Graphene FX lag behind a bit in the trading race as compared to others ( Brokers, Ava Trade, IG) and they should consider improving upon this to stay more relevant

In terms of trading platforms, GrapheneFX offers the classic forex brokers trading platforms available on different platforms (Mobile, Desktop, Web). The overall trading experience in terms of GUI, functions and overall trade experience leaves us to rate this forex broker 4.89/5



Although relatively new, the research material as well as education guidance is truly something to
appreciate about them. They tend to not only help you open accounts for trading but also guide you in
any way possible. The client is treated as part of the family and they tend to ensure that your
investment is sound and you can make the best possible deals throughout your trading cycle. Guidelines
on trading, basic knowhows about trades and deals, pip values what they are, how leverage can be
useful in both short and long term clearly dictates their attention to providing the clients the best
possible environment to learn and grow as a trader

Video Content

The video content is available on their website which has all details regarding Forex Trading as a whole,
you can easily different visual content available on their Youtube Channel, where they provide news
about the market, Forex Trading tips especially good for beginners and all the happenings on the
financial circuit. The content itself is pretty well-versed with experts involved with creating in-depth
content styling.

Workshops and Private Sessions

One of the more unique techniques of information are the private zoom meetings they conduct with all
the users to give them basic ideas of how the market is running, what they should be on the lookout for
and how the users themselves can create their own forecasting data tips which they can use to analyze
their next trade. These workshops are a very good initiative to not only hold on to the customers they
have but increase their user output by a ton with the help of word of mouth of marketing

The education aspect is what really intrigues us about this forex broker as a whole, they provide some enhanced level of education material with different forms (audio, visual, reading material) while also conducting workshops for trading and learning more about the world of FX Trade. The thing that amazes us the most are the private Zoom sessions conducted from time to time showing the level of commitment they are putting into providing valuable education which helps GrapheneFx get a rating of 4.9/5

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Faraz Hussain
Faraz Hussain
1 month ago

I have just started working with GrapheneFx, their consultancy is excellent! Plus, they offer free forex education that has helped me learn everything.

Salman Rizvi
Salman Rizvi
1 month ago

For many it might be good that their consultancy contacts you daily, I find it to be too bothersome.

Ahsan Munawar
Ahsan Munawar
2 months ago

GrapheneFx is the best forex broker with quality offers and effective services. Would recommend it to everyone interested.

Amir Fareed
Amir Fareed
2 months ago

Hands down they are the best! Working with them for years, they never disappoint. So far I have never faced any trouble with them.

Afaq Ahmed
Afaq Ahmed
1 month ago

I am satisfied with all their services; it’s just that getting daily signals from them is annoying sometimes.

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