Forex Broker Review of CITY INDEX


Sponsored by GAIN Capital, City Index is a confided in brand that brokers decide for its high level exchanging stages, incredible versatile application, various statistical surveying, instruction, and broad scope of business sectors


This Australian Based Meta Broker, has ticked a lot of our boxes and hence gets an overall rating score of 4.6/5

Authenticity Of IG Markets


City Index is viewed as generally safe, with a general Trust Score of 93 out of 99. City Index is traded on an open market, doesn’t work a bank, and is approved by three level 1 controllers (high trust), zero level 2 controllers (normal trust), and one level 3 controller (low trust). City Index is approved by the accompanying level 1 controllers

The forex broker has been regulated mainly in Australia and after we did some background found the Singapore regulation is valid as well, working in some parts of the world, this forex broker gets a rating of 4.0/5

Expense & Fees


In general, estimating on City Index’s forex, CFDs, and spread-wagering items are in accordance with the business normal. For the best estimating, use City Index’s restrictive stages or MetaTrader. They do not charge any withdrawal or deposit fee which is a huge plus point, although third-party transactions charges may be applied in accordance by the bank. There is also the freedom of any non-activity charges to worry about, so for all the casual traders this is a plus point, considering some other top brokers (Saxo Bank, FP-Markets) do charge inactivity fee. The minimum deposit value is low as it can get (depending on the account type of course) which means you can start with a minimum deposit of 1$.

CityIndex has some really interesting rates in terms of expense and charges, during our research we found many people are looking to align with this user due to these points mentioned above as a more sufficient forex broker in terms of saving money is  a key for people nowadays. Our team decided to score CityIndex 4.79/5 here because of the user impact

Account Types:


City Index provides three types of accounts with different pricing and features, one of the most prominent feature you can find is the allotment of an advisor with certain accounts that will solely be responsible in guiding and providing any additional advice

In terms of account offers by the forex broker, we found the accounts are a bit limited in terms of offers and quite similar to one another which doesn’t offer any form of distinction for users with different accounts. Our team based on the findings decided to score CityIndex 4.23/5 in terms of account types

Trading Platform


City Index’s exclusive ATP Pro (work area based) and Web Trader (program based) stages convey a rich involvement in admittance to City Index’s full item advertising. I don’t suggest MetaTrader (MT4) at City record because of its restricted scope of tradeable business sectors. Although, the idea  of trading for many is accompanied by using a designated trading platform but some vets of the trade do prefer using Meta Trader to this day because of the simplicity which they should look to improve upon if they want to stay in contention with the likes of FX Primus, CMC, FXCM etc.

Web Trader

Web Trader is responsive, adaptable, and simple to utilize. Graphs are fueled by Trading View and accompany almost 90 pointers and a huge swath of drawing instruments. It was not difficult to look across business sectors, from well-known watch lists to getting to incorporated exploration.

The solitary problem observed with the Web Trader is setting up another workspace as gadgets should be physically organized. Beside that minor subtlety, the stage offers a decent assortment of highlights, including support for complex request types like OCOs and following stops. Watch lists sync with portable, and there is module connecting, so tapping on an image will refresh the current outline.

The trading platform offered by the forex broker at first glance seemed to be lacking and performance wise had a few hiccups but in the end the overall experience was quite good. The pointers and graphing tools on offer are quite something and when we started to use the platform, we started out low but kept going up and up in terms of overall use that we finally decided to score the trading platform 4.67/5



City Index offers a rich experience of educational content that will satisfy beginner traders.

Video Format

There are six recordings accessible from City Index’s Trading Academy arrangement, a TV program about amateur merchants learning more than about a month and a half. Its Celebrity Trader arrangement has a comparable subject, with the exception of VIPs give their perspectives and exchanging tips. Eighteen recordings are accessible on the video library on City Index’s site. Filed online courses like the “Become A Trader” arrangement are accessible on City Index’s YouTube channel, with six recordings each in any event an hour long.

Written Material

Ten articles in City Index’s instructional hub cover essential classifications, going from forex and CFD exchanging to overseeing hazard. I found extra articles, including progressed subjects, for example, one named “Choices Trading Strategies.”

CityIndex has a lot of focus in the education deparment. We registered in their training academy to learn more about their learning standards and we were really impressed, they had almost everything for everyone and the rich volumes of data lead us to score the forex broker 4.8/5

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Ali Imran
Ali Imran
1 month ago

City Index is a trustworthy broker that lives up to its reputation. Their services can match every trader’s needs.

Mehfooz Ali
Mehfooz Ali
1 month ago

I was let down by their customer service. They did not provide any sort of response that would actually help me.

Faraz Chandio
Faraz Chandio
1 month ago

I would suggest everyone avoid this broker if they do not want to lose money. They froze my account when I was winning and did not let me close the trade, the worst experience ever.

Benish Shafeeq
Benish Shafeeq
1 month ago

SMART Signals was the best thing they could introduce. It has helped me identify more beneficial trading opportunities than I used to do myself and improved my overall performance.

Shunaid Wahid
Shunaid Wahid
2 months ago

Do not trust City Index! I had so many issues with the withdrawals, the customer service response came 1 month later.

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