Congratulations to GrapheneFx for being authorized by ASIC

Congratulations to GrapheneFx for being authorized by ASIC

We have great news for today, GrapheneFx is now authorized by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). GrapheneFx is an online trading services broker that is known for its excellent customer services and innovative trading features. GrapheneFx was established by professionals who have an experience in the sector for more than a decade, and now have been authorized by one of the top-tier regulatory authorities ASIC.

Being authorized for any broker in this business holds extreme importance as that proves their authenticity, legitimacy, reliability, and trustworthiness as an online brokerage company. Professionals, experienced, experts, and even beginners in the forex and trading business know the importance of regulation and prefer working with a forex broker that is licensed by reputed regulatory organizations.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is among

the best regulatory bodies working in the financial industry. It is an independent Australian government authority that has the primary responsibilities to;         

  • Protect investors from fraudulent activities by financial services companies      
  • Maintain and regulate the financial system by implementing laws and rules that all legitimate financial services companies have to follow     
  • And create awareness about all laws and rules among the financial community so that investors are well informed.

It is a huge deal for GrapheneFx being authorized from one of the most reputed regulatory authorities. It not only helps GrapheneFx to gain the investor’s trust but also proves that this broker works according to all policies, laws, and guidelines set by international standards.

Being authorized has given GrapheneFx global recognition as a legitimate and trusted forex broker that has all its trading activities of the best quality.       

  • Providing protection to clients’ funds: authorized brokers cannot use your funds for any personal reasons, only for your approved trades.
  • Maintains complete transparency: brokers also provide complete transparency in trades since they are regulated and kept under strict watch.
  • Works ethically: brokers also work very fairly and are not scammers or frauds. Only legitimate brokers are licensed and authorized by such authorities.

All this just proves the authenticity of GrapheneFx and investors can feel free to work with GrapheneFx without any worries taking advantage of their multiple trading services and features.

We would like to congratulate GrapheneFx, which has joined the list of top leading forex brokers that are regulated and provide the best trading services. Being authorized will help them attract more customers wanting to work with a trusted and reliable forex broker as they have stepped closer to providing better safety and security for the customers.

Their other services include platform features, customer support, consultancy, free education, and variety in trading instruments have already earned quite a good reputation for them and being authorized by ASIC will just be another quality that will make GrapheneFx the best forex broker across the globe.

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